• General knowledge of battery and voltmeter.  
  • JACO power system  
  • Tools included: Flat head screw driver, Voltmeter with DC/AC capabilities

Getting started

It is recommended to be near a wall AC outlet during the troubleshooting. Always unplug the recharge cord from the wall outlet before disconnecting any wire connectors on the power system. Record battery voltage measurements as instructed to pinpoint failed component. If a voltmeter is not available, JACO can provide a Jvolt‐kit. The kit consists of a voltmeter with 10 pin adapter cable. E-mail us at to request a Jvolt‐Kit.

Step 1: Setting up for Troubleshooting

Cart Test 


Testing the Power System using the LEDs on the cart.

  1. Unplug the recharge cord from the wall outlet.
  2. Lock the brake on the front casters.
  3. Locate the Flat head screws, one on the left and right side of the cart’s base.  
  4. Turn the screws counter‐clockwise with the Flat head screw driver.  Ref Fig.1  
  5. Remove  the cover and set it aside.  
  6. Visually check the battery Fuse as shown on Fig.2

Step 2: Voltage measurements

Voltmeter Setup DC

  1. Set Voltmeter to measure VDC (Direct Current) as shown in Fig. 3
  2. Verify the BLACK meter lead is plugged into COM and RED meter lead is plugged into V
  3. If voltmeter battery is low, it may give incorrect readings

OCV & Recharge Voltage

Open Circuit Voltage(OCV):

  1. Insert the RED meter lead into the position located on the battery connector as shown in Fig. 3
  2. Insert the BLACK meter lead into the position located on the battery connector as shown in Fig. 3
  3. Record this reading as OCV = ____.

Charge Voltage(CV):

  1. Keep the meter leads in place as the Battery OCV step. Plug the Recharge Cord into the Wall Outlet. Ref Fig. 4
  2. Record this reading as CV= ____.
  3. Does the FAN spin? ____.

Note: Recharge voltage should be higher than the Battery Voltage.

Test 3: AC Output

AC Output:

  1. Turn the inverter switch to the ON position.
  2. Plug known good device into the Power System AC outlets.
  3. Verify that device turns ON. If the device does not turn on:
    1. Check wiring connection.
    2. Try different device.
    3. Try different AC outlet Slot.

Test 4: System Reset

System Reset(optional)


  1. Unplug recharge cord from wall outlet.
  2. Disconnect the white 10 pin connector that was being measured.
    1. Press on the tab on top and pull by connector, not by the wires. “Wiggle it left and right or up and down.”
  3. Leave it disconnected for 5 minutes.
  4. Plug the back in.
  5. Plug the recharge cord into wall outlet.
    1. Any LED indication?
    2. Is the Fan spinning?


LED Readouts