When To Use This document

Use this document when having Issues with height adjustment. 

Such as:

  • Cart will not go up or down even when depressing Lever.
  • Cart will not stay at set height
  • Cart will lower when additional pressure is placed on unit.


  • Remove Work surface
  • Remove PC to access Adjustment Screw

Tools Needed

  • 5/16" Nut Driver Or Ratchet and Socket

Process / Instructions


The lever towards the rear of the cart should be pressed down when you lift and activate the cart lever handle.


If adjustment screw is too loose, the lever towards the rear of the cart will not press down when lever handle is actuated. The cart height will not adjust in this position.


If adjustment screw is too tight, the cart will be able to be raised and lowered without using the cart lever handle. Cart will not be able to maintain a desired height, instead it will either go all the way to the lowest or highest positions. 




Adjustment Screw should be barely touching lever assembly. Having the screw adjusted fully in either direction will cause issues, a happy medium has to be achieved. 

Results and Analysis

If adjustment does not remedy the issue and the handle/lever assembly is free from obstruction, then a replacement piston assembly is required to repair the unit.