When To Use This Document

Use this document when you need to reset the power system on a JACO J1 Cart


  • Unplug Cart from wall outlet before continuing

Tools Needed

  • Phillips Screw Driver

Process / Instructions

*NOTE* A Power system reset will make the cart lose calibration. This will result in the LED Battery indicator to be inaccurate. The calibration process will need to be performed to ensure the LED Battery indicator is accurate.

Please see the Calibration Document for this process.

  1. Remove the base shroud by removing the Phillips screws on the left and right side of the cart. 
  2. Disconnect the 10 pin connector. (circled in red in below picture)
    • Press on the tab on top and pull by connector, not by the wires. "Wiggle it left and right or up and down."
  3. Leave it disconnected for five minutes.
  4. Plug the white connector back in. 
  5. Plug recharge cord into wall outlet.

Results and Analysis

If a power system reset does not remedy the issue, please contact JACO Support for further assistance.