When To Use This Document

Use this document when troubleshooting the power system and needing to obtain Voltage, Amps, and Watts.

Tools Needed

Kill A Watt Meter


  1. Open and remove your top cover. Remove the pc tray and accessories to get access to the inverter. (IF performing test on an EVO the Side doors can be opened by loosening the thumb screws. On a J1 Cart the rear cover can be removed with the center fastener loosened.)
  2. Unplug the Tri-Cord.
  3. Plug in an extension cord into your inverter. Plug your Kill A Watt unit into your extension cord.
  4. Plug in the Tri-cord into the Kill A Watt unit as pictured below. Plug in your PC and all accessories to be measured into the Tri-Cord.

Turn ON your PC and all the accessories. Record the highest reading you see.

  1. Press the Volt button and record Voltage
  2. Press the amp Button and record Amps
  3. Press the Watt button and record Watts.

Results and Analysis

Please report your Readings obtained to JACO Support for further assistance.