When To Use This Document

Use this document when troubleshooting the power system using a J-Volt Kit supplied by JACO Support.


  • Unplug Cart from wall outlet before Beginning!!!

Tools Needed

  • J-Volt Kit

Process / Instructions

  1. Unplug recharge cord from wall outlet!!
  2. Take the top cover off the cart.
  3. Identifying the Components:
    1. Note: If system is new or battery box has enver been changed before, the serial number on top of the power supply is a matching set to the battery box on the base of the cart.
    2. The CartCare adapter board is usualy attached to the side of the power supply via Velcro.
  4. Recording the Carts cartcare adapter info:
    1. Write down the Board revision
    2. Write don the Firmware revision
  5. Disconnect the battery wire form the CartCare Adapter Board.
  6. Plug the J-Volt Kit straight cable into the battery wire.
  7. Set the meter to VDC as shown in the picture below.
  8. Record the Battery Voltage. ( Note: If Battery Voltage is 0.0, it means that there is no voltage from the battery box. It is very rare for a battery to output 0.0 Volts. If this is the case, check the following.
    1.  Ensure the J-volt is working by plugging it into a working cart.
    2. The long battery wire may be defective, bypass the long battery wire by plugging the J-volt straight into the battery box on the base of the cart.
    3. The battery box temperature sensor may have been activated, touch the side of the box for warmth. If it is warm, allow it to cool off and try measuring within an hour.
    4. If all of the above are good and you are still getting 0.0 volts, the battery box fuse may have been shortened and the system(battery box and power supply) will need to be replaced.
  9. Disconnect the CartCare Charger wire as shown.
  10. Plug the male end of the J-Volt kit into the charger.
  11. Plug the recharge cord into the wall outlet.
  12. Record the charger voltage.
    • If the charger voltage is HIGHER than the battery voltage, then the charger is working.
    • If the charger voltage is LOWER than the battery voltage, then the charger is working, but the battery cells are very weak.
    • If the charger voltage is the SAME as the battery voltage, the charger is not working.
      • Try plugging the recharge cord in a different wall outlet. Avoid going into the power strip.
  13. Plug a device or laptop power brick that has a light indication to test for power. Or simply plug in a monitor.
  14. Turn the inverter switch to the ON position.

Note: If the battery voltage is below 22 Volts, the outlets will not provide power. Ensure the voltage is above 22 volts before testing for power. 

Results and analaysis

Please E-mail your results to Elect4@jacosupport.com for a quick analysis and resolution.