When To Use this Document

Use this document to confirm if your Hotswap charger is working properly in both bays.

Tools/Materials Needed

  • P3 International Kill A Watt Meter (available on amazon/walmart/hardware store)
  • 2x Extension cord
  • 2x Discharged Hotswap Batteries 

Process / Instructions

  1. Plug the P3 Kill A Watt unit into the wall outlet using the Extension Cord.
  2. Plug the Charger into the P3 Kill A watt unit using the second Extension Cord.
  3. Push the Watt button until the Watt measurement appears.
  4. Install known good DISCHARGED batteries into slot 1 and slot 2.
  5. Wait 10-11 Minutes for Charger to start. (Wattage reading may fluctuate between 5-30 Watts during this period)
  6. If watt reading is over 140W, the Charger is GOOD.  **TEST COMPLETE**
  7. If watt reading is below 140w the charger is bad or only one slot is working. See below to determine.

IF both slots are bad the reading will be less than 25 Watts.

IF only one slot is properly function the watt reading will read around 60-122 Watts.

To determine which slot is faulty:

  • Remove the battery from Slot #1
  • If Watt reading drops, Slot #2 is BAD
  • If Watt reading does not change, Slot #1 is BAD

NOTE: Watt readings range may vary depending on age of charger/battery and battery charge level.