When To Use This Document

Use this document when having issues with height adjustment.

Such as:

  • Cart will not lower or raise when lever is pressed.
  • Lever is stuck.


  • Remove work surface

Process / Instructions

  1. Remove the PC, Inverter, and all cables. Confirm if the cart will go up and down once lever is actuated in this form. (Cables may get stuck under the lever assembly and prevent the assembly from actuating the piston.)
  2. Adjustment Screw should barely touch the front lever bar. IF there is a a gap, tighten adjustment screw.
  3. Remove the Piston Actuating Lever by removing the two Phillips Screws.
  4. Inspect the Piston Actuator Button. Button should be lifted as pictured below.

Results and Analysis

If everything looks to be as it should and the cart is still unable to raise or lower, please contact JACO Support.