When To Use This document

Use this document when having Issues with charger. 

Such as:

  • Charger never shows AMBER LEDs.
  • Charger shows no LEDs color.
  • Charger doesn't charge.



  • Charger ( 51-4218 )
  • Fully discharged/drained battery ( 51-3829 )
  • Live AC wall outlet ( 120 VAC )


Tools Needed

  • Not required


Process / Instructions


1.  Unplug charger from wall outlet for 1 minute.

2.  Plug charger into wall outlet.

3.  Insert a fully discharged/drained battery into charger.

4.  Wait 30 second.

5.  Record the LED color.


Results and Analysis

Amber Solid
Operating normal.
Amber BlinkingGOODOperating normal.  Battery inserted is 60% or below life remaining capacity.
Green SolidFAULTCharger not charging.
Green BlinkingFAULTCharger not charging.  Battery inserted is 60% or below life remaining capacity.
REDFAULT- Unit not installed upright ( both RED     without batteries installed )
- Unit's fan failure
- Unit has internal fault
OFFFAULTCheck wall outlet, ensure it is live.
Try different AC line cord.
Unit has internal fault.

Helpful Tips

  • Ensure the charger being tested is controlled with no interference.  Notify others that the charger is being tested and cannot be touched.  This will ensure the result is in accordance and has not been altered.
  • If a fully charged battery were to be inserted into the charger, the LED will be GREEN and void the test.  A fully discharged battery is required.
  • All charger with part number ( 51-4218 ) are estimated to fully charge a battery in 2 hours.
  • Each charging slot function independently from the other slot.