When To Use This Document

Use this document when a power inverter replacement is needed on your EVO cart.


  • Unplug the cart from the wall outlet before continuing.

Tools Needed

  • Phillips Screwdriver

Process / Instructions

Note : Disconnecting and removing the Inverter from the Cart will make the cart lose calibration. This will result in the LED Battery Indicator to be inaccurate. The calibration process will need to be performed after the replacement to ensure the LED battery indicator is accurate. Please see the Calibration Document for this process. 

  1. Open the left-side inverter door by loosening the thumb screw in the rear of the cart. Note: an older version of the EVO will require a Phillips screw driver as pictured below.
  2. Unplug your AC power cord and all cords plugged into the inverter.
  3. Open the inverter door on the right side of the cart.
  4. Unplug all the cables connected to the inverter. move the cables to the left to ensure they do not obstruct removal.
  5. pull on the small tab to remove the inverter. Use your other hand to support the inverters weight during removal.
  6. Remove the slide plate from the inverter by removing four Phillips screws.
  7. Install and secure the slide plate to the new inverter with four Phillips screws. ensure the tab without the hole is on the fan side of the inverter.
  8. Slide your inverter into the cart. Connect all your cables. Route cables through passageway as pictured below.
  9. Connect your AC power cord and all power connections. Use one hand to hold the inverter in place when connecting the AC power cord.
  10. Close and lock both inverter doors.

Results and Analysis

The cart will need to be Calibrated after the inverter replacement to ensure the LED power gauge is accurate.

Please see the Calibration Document