When To Use This Document

Use this document when needing to replace the Battery/Batteries on you EVO Mobile Cart


  • Unplug Cart from the wall

Tools Needed

  • Phillips Screwdriver

Process / Instructions

Note: Disconnecting and Removing the batteries from the cart will cause the unit to lose calibration. This will result in the LED Battery gauge indicator to be inaccurate. The calibration process will need to be performed afterwards to ensure the LED Battery indicator is accurate.

Please see the Calibration Document for this process.

  1. Locate the Battery Position. 
    1. L500 Power System : Batteries will be in both bays.
    2. L250 Power system : Battery will be in the right bay. This can be visually confirmed by looking from the side of the bay as shown by the arrow below, or you can knock on the battery bay. If the sound is hollow, the bay is empty. 
  2. Remove the two Phillips screws to release and remove the Right-side battery door.
  3. Wiggle and pull the battery out of the bay.
  4. Disconnect battery cable and remove Battery from Cart.
  5. Connect battery cable to new battery.
  6. Slide battery into the bay.
  7. Install battery door and secure in place with two Phillips screws.
  8. Repeat process on other side if you have an L500 dual battery system.

Results and Analysis

The cart will need to be Calibrated after the Battery replacement to ensure the LED power gauge is accurate.

Please see the Calibration Document