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EVO Wall Arm Product Manual


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Table of Contents


1.    Safety Recommendations & Warnings

2.    Part Numbers and Descriptions

3.    General Specifications

4.    Introduction to Key Features

4.1.1.  Installing the Computer System.. 

4.1.2.  Additional Tips for Proper Monitor Installation

4.2.   Installing Keyboard and Mouse

4.3.   Cable Management

5.    Features and Operation.

5.1.   Adjusting the Jaco EVO Wall Arm Height Position

5.2.   Piston Strength Adjustment

5.3.   Monitor Adjustments

5.4.   Keyboard Housing Operation

5.5.   Folding and Storage

6.    Accessories

6.1.   PC Holders

6.2.   Signature Reader Mount

6.3.   Scanner Mounts

7.    Care and Maintenance

7.1.   Cleaning Guidelines

7.2.   Preventative Maintenance

7.3.   Additional Recommended Maintenance

7.4.   Basic Troubleshooting

8.    Service and Support

8.1.   Product Labeling

8.2.   Jaco Support

9.    Warranty


Safety Recommendations & Warnings

Part Numbers and Descriptions

EVO Wall Arm Configurations

  • EVO-WA-JT: EVO Wall Arm with Jaco Track
  • EVO-WA-ST: EVO Wall Arm with Standard Track
  • EVO-WA-WT: EVO Wall Arm with Wide Track
  • EVO-WA-JT-EXT: EVO Wall Arm with Jaco Track and 15” Extension Arm
  • EVO-WA-ST-EXT: EVO Wall Arm with Standard Track and 15” Extension Arm
  • EVO-WA-WT-EXT: EVO Wall Arm with Wide Track and 15” Extension Arm
  • EVO-WA-OT-JT: EVO Wall Arm, Open Keyboard Tray with Jaco Track
  • EVO-WA-OT-ST: EVO Wall Arm, Open Keyboard Tray with Standard Track
  • EVO-WA-OT-WT: EVO Wall Arm, Open Keyboard Tray with Wide Track
  • EVO-WA-OT-JT-EXT: EVO Wall Arm, Open Keyboard Tray with Jaco Track and 15” Extension Arm
  • EVO-WA-OT-ST-EXT: EVO Wall Arm, Open Keyboard Tray with Standard Track and 15” Extension Arm
  • EVO-WA-OT-WT-EXT: EVO Wall Arm, Open Keyboard Tray with Wide Track and 15” Extension Arm
  • EVO-WA-CT: Wall Arm, Worksurface, CT, No Track
  • EVO-WA-CT-EXT: Wall Arm, Worksurface, CT, Extension Arm, No Track


EVO Wall Arm Accessories

  • 51-5066: PC or Thin Client Mount for JT Mount
  • 51-5080: PC or Thin Client Mount for ST or WT Mounts
  • 51-5109: Locking PC or Thin Client Mount for JT
  • 51-5088: Wireless Scanner Mount
  • 51-5108: Wired Scanner Mount
  • 51-5090: Signature Pad Holder
  • 51-5106: Dual LCD Mount

General Specifications

EVO-WA Wall Arm Series

EVO Wall Arm Standard

EVO Wall Arm Open Keyboard Tray

EVO Wall Arm Extended

EVO Wall Arm Open Keyboard Tray Extended

Part Number
























27 Ibs

25 Ibs

33 Ibs

31 Ibs

Vertical Travel





Wall Mount Swivel





Independent LCD/Keyboard Swivel





LCD Tilt Forward





LCD Tilt Backward





Worksurface Dimensions

20”W x 9”D


20”W x 9”D


Maximum Reach





Min. Distance from Wall (Fully Folded)






Introduction to Key Features

Please refer to the diagram below during setup and installation of your Jaco EVO Wall Arm, as well as when adjustments are needed.  The diagram shows where key features are located, including the cable raceway which will be used to route all your cables neatly and out of the way, an adjustment knob for changing positions, work surface lock pawls, keyboard tray and slides, standard VESA plate monitor attachment and the piston screw which is used to adjust the height.


For Product Setup and Installation, please refer to Document (P/N: 25-0278)

Installing the Computer System

The Jaco EVO Series Wall Arm will support: 


  • PC or Thin Client (Less than 3”, up to 20 lbs.)
  • All-In-One Computer Systems 
  • Up to a 24” LCD/LED Monitor  


Not all computer systems and LCD/LED Monitors will fit. 

Contact your local Sales Representative or call Jaco Support to review any question you may have.

Additional Tips for Proper Monitor Installation

LCD or All-In-One:  The unit must have a 75mm or 100mm VESA pattern on the rear surface to mount to the Jaco EVO Wall Arm.  The hardware to mount the All-In-One is provided.

The LCD must be mounted on the Jaco Wall Arm before activating the height adjust piston.

To install your LCD Monitor to the Wall Arm, line up the four holes on the back of the monitor to the holes on the VESA mount plate. A Phillips head screwdriver or (if added security is needed for the LCD) Torx head driver is required to attach the monitor to the VESA plate in four places using provided screws. Both Phillips and Torx 

Installing Keyboard and Mouse

The Jaco Wall Arm station includes an integrated keyboard tray with a mouse catch incorporated into the work surface that provides for interchangeable positioning of the mouse on the right or left side. When adding the mouse and keyboard, please follow the steps below:

Remove the keyboard tray worksurface by loosening the thumb screws located on the rear surface.

The keyboard & mouse cables need to rout through the access hole on the rear of the worksurface and through the cable management slots as shown in the photo. Make sure you leave enough slack in the wires to allow the work surface to fold up and down as needed.  

Note: The keyboard and mouse cables are connected to the USB hub inside of the housing above the keyboard tray. The USB extension cable is routed out the access hole and through the cable management system as shown.

An accessory pack is included with each Jaco Wall Arm that provides ty-wraps and Velcro pads along with other helpful items for proper cable management.  Use the Velcro pads to fasten the keyboard to the keyboard tray and use the ty-wraps to secure the cables.  

Cable Management

The Jaco EVO Wall Arm provides optimal cable management with all cables neatly routed and maintained throughout the structure itself. Cables are routed through the bottom of your LCD or monitor, into the substructure of the Wall Arm and to your mouse and keyboard, while the remainder of cables route through a track cable cover straight to the PC.

There are three options for positions of the Wall Arm cable cover along the Wall Track: bottom, middle and top. The cover can only fit one way in either of these positions.  

To install the track cable cover, begin by aligning one end of the cable cover’s three mounting points to the slots in the wall track.

Once one end of the cover has been inserted, the other end of the cover can be squeezed into the opposite end of slots into the wall track, where it will then be secured.

Connect your Monitor power cable and VGA/DVI/HDMI cable to your Monitor. Route these cables through the dress cover as shown above. Cables will route through the post conduit and up the mounting rail to the PC shelf. Connect these cables to your PC.


Connect the keyboard and mouse USB cables to the Hub mounted inside the keyboard enclosure. The USB hub cable is then routed behind the enclosure and goes into the conduit on the post. Continue routing up the mounting rail and into PC shelf.

Features and Operation

Adjusting the Jaco EVO Wall Arm Height Position

Your Jaco Wall Arm is height adjustable for proper ergonomics when used in a standing or sitting position.  

To change the height:

- Turn the adjustment knob (shown below) counterclockwise to loosen the station. This will free the internal locking piston and will allow you to adjust the height of the Wall Arm with minimal effort. 


- After loosening the knob, place the palms of your hands on the left and right sides of the work surface and push down to lower the station. 


- To raise the Wall Arm, place the palms of your hands under the worksurface and pull up from the bottom. 


- Once the Wall Arm is at a satisfactory height, turn the adjustment knob clockwise to lock the wall station back into place. 

Piston Strength Adjustment

Your Jaco EVO Wall Arm can raise up and down without much effort. If for any reason it is more difficult to raise or lower the Wall Arm, you may adjust the piston strength by repositioning the pin location.

Please note that the piston force increases as you move further back from the front post in regards to where the piston pin is inserted

For more information regarding EVO Wall Arm Piston Strength Adjustment, please contact Jaco Customer Support.

Monitor Adjustments



5° of Downward Tilt

0° at Stationary Horizontal

130° of Upward Tilt


Monito is adjustable 90° to-the-right & 90° to-the-left

Monitor has 180° of total rotation

Keyboard Housing Operation

The Jaco EVO Wall Arm includes keyboard housing that is both compact and easily accessible, with a sliding keyboard tray, optimal work surface and mouse catch.

Keyboard Housing

Tray Extension


Horizontal Swivel


Upward Tilt


Folding and Storage

The Jaco EVO Wall Arm folds to 7” depth for convenient storage when not in use with integrated tech box CPU storage available in the following options:

Non-Locking Tech Box for JT

Non-Locking Tech Box for ST and WT

Locking Tech Box

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)

5” x 10” x 7”

6” x 10” x 7”

16” x 3” x 12”


2 lbs.

2 lbs.

5 Ibs.

When stored away, your Wall Arm can be folded and collapsed as shown below. The joints can be easily folded and reextended as needed.


We offer many accessories for the Jaco EVO Wall Arm Series. Please contact your local Sales Representative if you have any questions on existing options, accessories or have equipment that you need integrated onto the Jaco EVO Wall Arm.

PC Holders

We offer a variety of mounting options for USF’s, PC’s, and 

Thin Clients that mount directly to the Jaco Track.


Part Number: 51-5066 PC or Thin Client Mount for JT 

Part Number: 51-5080 PC or Thin Client Mount for ST or WT 

Part Number: 51-5109 Locking PC or Thin Client Mount for JT

Signature Reader Mount

Part Number: 51-5090 Signature Reader Mount

The Jaco Signature Reader Mount was designed to fit universally across all Signature Reader models.

Please contact Jaco Support to review. 

Dimensions: Length 6.25“; Depth 2.125”; Width 0.75” 

Scanner Mounts

We offer mounting for most hand-held scanners, both wired and wireless models. 

Part Number: 51-5088 Wireless Scanner Mount 

Part Number: 51-5108 Wired Scanner Mount

Care And Maintenance

Cleaning Guidelines

All Jaco products are designed and manufactured to provide many years of trouble-free operation.  We recommend that you keep the product clean for optimal operation.


Most of the surfaces of your Jaco product are finished using a durable, antimicrobial powder coat finish.  It is recommended that the surface areas that are in contact with day-to-day use be cleaned regularly.  Always review the cleaning products that are being used and verify that it is safe to use on the powder coat finish. In general, a solution or wipe that is no more than 10% bleach, such as most germicidal wipes used in hospitals, will be acceptable. When using a spray disinfectant, it is recommended that you spray into a cloth or rag before cleaning rather than spraying on the surface directly to avoid the risk of harming any electronic components. UV sterilization is another viable option for keeping your Jaco Wall Arm clean and offers surface treatment in a completely dry process. Please consult with Jaco Customer Service if you have any questions or concerns regarding a cleaning product.


Your Jaco Wall Arm does not require any scheduled maintenance however preventative maintenance is recommended. It is good practice to clean the unit and check that the height adjustment feature is operating correctly at least once a year. Please contact Jaco Customer Service as needed for more information in maintaining your Jaco Wall Arms.

Preventative Maintenance

Over prolonged time and use, cleaning and checking for loose hardware will be necessary to ensure your Jaco Wall Arm is operating optimally.

Key Things to Check

  • Loose Screws or Nuts on Accessories: 
    1. Keyboard Tray and Slides
    2. VESA Plate Monitor Attachment
  • Work Surface Lock Pawls
  • Height Adjustment Knob
  • Make Sure Cables Are Not Being Pinched by the Wall Arm Movement 

Additional Recommended Maintenance

Things to Check

  • Condition: 
    • Ensure product is complete (Arms, Extensions, Trays, Scanner Holders, Mouse Holder, etc.)
    • Attachment screws present and firmly attached
    • Covers, cable covers, cable wrap and channeling as required  
  • Mount:  
    • Verify all attachment hardware is present and tight
    • Identify proper mounting height and confirm location
  • Computer Equipment
    • All hardware within product specifications (size, weight)
    • Cable extensions present/needed
    • Equipment mounted securely to product
  • Assembly
    • Ensure all product components are secure (Tracks, Extension Arms, Monitor, Trays, etc.)
    • Cable routing and service length is appropriate
  • Product Adjustments
    • Arm is counterbalanced
    • Monitor lift and tilt is counterbalanced  
    • Keyboard counterbalanced
    • Arm friction
    • Leveling friction 

 Basic Troubleshooting

Should the Wall Arm fail, review the Troubleshooting section of this User Guide and if applicable, follow the steps provided.  Please contact Jaco Customer Support as needed to resolve the issue.


The Wall Arm is not adjustable (i.e., it is not going up and down) or you are having difficulty tightening the module to stay in place.

Check that the Adjustment Knob is loose by turning it counterclockwise until it stops. 


To lock the Wall Arm in place, tighten the Adjustment Knob clockwise until it stops.


If the Adjustment Knob is not turning, you will need to remove the left (front-facing) panel by removing the four screws on the top and bottom using a Phillips head screwdriver. Once removed, look to see if anything is blocking or caught inside.


Check that all cables are neatly routed through the cable management sleeves, ty-wrapped as necessary and that no cables are snagged or in the way of any motion points. 


Ensure that there are no loose or missing screws and that the Wall Arm is not missing any components.  


If the Wall Arm adjustments are still not functioning, contact Jaco for replacement authorization or additional troubleshooting direction.


Service and Support

Product Labeling

All JACO EVO Wall Arms

The Jaco EVO Wall Arm is shipped with a Part Number & Serial Number label for tracking and service assistance. This label is located on the rear surface of the Keyboard Tray Assembly. The information on this label is needed when contacting Jaco Technical Service.

Jaco Support

The Jaco Support website, Support : Jaco, Inc (jacoinc.com) [https://support.jacoinc.com/], provides details that include general FAQs and product guides.


Technical Support



Customer Service



Jaco Hours

Monday – Friday

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET


For EVO Wall Arm Warranty information, please contact Jaco Customer Support.